The Widow's Might



John Moore and Cameron Cavillo are buddies and aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder Film Festival.

When an acquaintance of Cameron’s, an elderly widow, faces losing her home to the outrageous property taxes in her area, the Moore family takes action, along with their friends, the Morton family. Through political smears, on-set mishaps, and a wild western ride, these families band together in a classic black-hat/white-hat tale of heroism.



From the creators of Bubble Trouble and Heartstrings comes an all new feature-length comedy adventure! John Moore and Cameron Cavillo are buddies; aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder film festival. When an acquaintance of Cameron's, an elderly Widow, faces losing her home to the outrageous property taxes in her area, the Moore family takes action, along with their friends, the Morton family.



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This article is about the 2009 film.
The Widow's Might
The Widow's Might.jpg
Directed by John Robert Moore
Produced by David Heustis
John Moore
Jeff Moreland
Written by John Robert Moore
Starring Angela Coates
John Robert Moore
Cameron Heidrick
Cinematography James Burgess
Edited by Rob Tull
Release dates
  • April 13, 2009
Running time
101 Minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $130,000

The Widow's Might is a 2009 American independent Christian film set in modern-day Texas and the Old West. It has been praised as "a groundbreaking film, even though it is a first feature film from a teenaged director." The film won the Audience Choice Award and the $101,000 Best of Festival award in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.


Top Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Movie!!
By Nicoleta on December 7, 2009
Format: DVD
Personally, I LOVE The Widow's Might. I think it is incredible! 100% family friendly. The music in the movie has become my top MP3 playlist. (The songs are always stuck in my head!) The morals and character traits taught in the movie are exactly what we have been needing in movies: standing up for justice, men leading their families, homeschool families making a difference, and Christians taking a stance in politics. I am buying multiple copies for Christmas gifts!
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Family Film
By A. Moore on December 19, 2009
Format: DVD
This is an excellent film for all ages. It is one of those film that captivates and makes you really think. The music is great, it is squeeky clean, the comedy works, an it has several powerful lessons. It is a must have for every family's library. It is a film we have watched and will continue to watch over and over again.
5.0 out of 5 stars TOTALLY blown away!
By John Kirton on March 6, 2011
Format: DVD
I'm watching a movie entitled "The Widow's Might", which I rented through NetFlix.

I must confess: I had serious doubts about the quality and contents of this movie! But notice, I used the past tense "had".

I became acquainted with this film through a series of Providential events: Shortly after becoming familiar with iTunes, I loaded all of my CD's on it for archival purposes. Then, I bought my first iPod (a fourth generation iPod Photo, which STILL runs!), then became familiar with podcasts. Looking for podcasts from Christians, I stumbled upon one entitled SquareTalkRadio. One of the interviews was with a pair of twin brothers named Alex and Brett Harris, brothers of the author of, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris. Unfortunately, SquareTalkRadio was short-lived but not before I heard of [...], the Website of the Harris twins' ministry for teenagers. Soon, I found myself attending one of their conferences in Plano, TX. Afterwards, I became acquainted with a local young aspiring actor and director, Marshall Sherman, who in turn, promoted HeuMoore Productions.

It was during my introduction of HeuMoore Productions ([...]) and, at the time, their production of "The Widow's Might", which has won the "Audience Choice" Award, the "Best of Festival" Award, and runner-up for "Best Feature Film" and the second year in a row that HueMoore has come home with the Audience Choice award!

So, here's a film, a movie, which, like the challenges of Alex and Brett Harris' Rebelution, completely produced and directed by teenagers (and to my understanding, all homeschooled).

At first, I thought it somewhat campy and difficult to watch. But, as the story unfolded, I founded it to be much more than that. It had meat, bone and marrow within the story.

My next question is posed to John Moore: "What is the next movie and when will it be released?" I can hardly wait to see it.
5.0 out of 5 stars SACFF #1 rated film!
By C. Papac on December 25, 2009
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I had the opportunity to attend the San Antonio Christian Film Festival this past January, and this film won Best of festival! It is an excellent, completely family friendly film with a stellar message! John Moore has produced yet another excellent film! I would suggest this to any and all! .
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the BEST movies I have seen!
By Hilltrain on August 30, 2010
Format: DVD
I have to say, I wish there were more movies like this.
It had excellent cinematography, a motivating theme, wonderful actors, great principles, amazing songs, and a perfect ending!
This movie is so full of truth, life, joy and humor it is bound to keep you captivated all the way to the end.
I highly recommend this film!
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!
By boothbros_fan on January 11, 2011
Format: DVD
Awesome family friendly film! I wasn't expecting the quality of the filming to be so high. Some absolutely gorgeous scenes! I was pleasantly surprised. The acting is excellent, as well... Lots of comedic antics, well balanced with some tear-jerking scenes. The song the widow sings, I believe its called "The Widow's Cry" is absolutely beautiful. You will not regret adding this DVD to your collection!
5.0 out of 5 stars This item was a gift for our grand-daughter who requested ...
By Desert Rat on September 29, 2015
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
This item was a gift for our grand-daughter who requested it for her 18th birthday. We were un-aware of this movie & knew little about it. Our grand-daughter was absolutely thrilled to receive it! After talking with her, & learning more about the movie, we can't wait to watch it with her.
5.0 out of 5 stars One our favorite movies
By Alabama Mom on May 17, 2012
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
I'm not one for musicals (they annoy me actually with all the unrealistic singing about everything), but this movie was different. It was actually very entertaining and we enjoyed the humor (totally my husband's style of plays on words, which some went over my head at first). It's a very well done movie and the singing is actually very good. Thankfully the whole movie isn't a musical but it's about a homeschooling family making a musical to help a widow. I won't give away the story, but we all enjoy it, especially my kids.